The Marketplace Module will help you understand your assignment, increase your influence, and achieve domain mastery in the realm of business.

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Marketplace Module

This in-depth series provides valuable instruction, practical training, and the crucial guidance that comes from the wisdom of top entrepreneurs from around the world. As you progress through these courses you will learn: how to be successful in the marketplace without compromising Biblical values, how to integrate work with faith, and how to influence the different spheres of society, also known as the Seven Mountains of Culture.

As many as 58 different speakers, coming from 20 different nations, share their wisdom and life experiences in this collection of 77 teaching sessions. The stories shared will inspire, instruct and challenge your life to do more for God and others. The study notes will help you retain the key principles that are shared and the group discussion questions and self-study sections will enrich your learning experience.

So get ready to be radically impacted in your faith and in your thinking, get ready to more deeply discover the divine assignment on your life and get ready to have some of the most significant Christian business leaders of our day speak into your world through this amazing new Marketplace Module.

What You'll hear about

Marketplace Topics

Authority in the Marketplace

Being a Giver in God’s World

Building Business Brand Trust

Changing Culture through Marketplace Influence

City Transformation

Confirming Your Marketplace Calling

Delegation: God’s Plan for Expansion

Development of People through Business

Discipling the Nations through Business

Discovering Bible Economics

Discovering Your Marketplace Assignment

Economic, Social, and Environmental Business

Ethics in the Marketplace

Faith in the Media Marketplace

Global Business, Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

How Business and Political Power Should Relate

How to Choose the Right Employees

Increasing the Kingdom through Wealth

Influencing the Influencers

Influencing Those Who Influence Millions

Intercession in the Marketplace

Kingdom Enterprise

Kingdom Land Possession

Kingdom Structure for Cultural Leadership

Kingdom Wealth

Kings and Priests

Managing by Character

Marketing and Keys to Sucess

Marketing to Government and Big Business

Marketplace Leaders and Spiritual Authority

Marketplace, Government, and Church

Ousting Babylon from the Marketplace

Overcoming Workplace Challenges in a Post-Christian Environment

Practical Tips for Starting New Businesses

Pursuing Your Dream

Raising Up a Joseph Generation

Receiving Your Inheritance

Reforming the Marketplace

Relating to Pastoral Covering

Shepherding Business and Marketplace Leaders

Stewarding Business and Profit


The Call to Business and the Call of Business

The Five-Fold Effect in the Workplace

The God Account

The Journey to National Transformation

The Nehemiah People

The Order of Melchizedek

The Purpose of Prosperity

The Spirit of Generosity

Transformational Leadership

Transforming Developing Markets through Business

Transforming the Entertainment Industry

Understanding Business Cycles and Kingdom Purposes

Understanding the Relational Side of Business

Understanding Your Purpose

Using Today’s Technology for Kingdom Business

Vision Precedes Success and Unlocks the Unseen

Warrior Craftsmen

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